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Bernard's view on the development

Chief Sales Officer, 02/03/2023

With Seaters and within the sponsorship world, we are less on the technological side and more on the marketing side. A switch that is happening more and more is the fact that the fan experience is gradually being transformed into sponsorship impact. In our development, we want to guide our clients in this reflection. Before sponsoring was: "I have great soccer tickets, etc" Now sponsoring and marketing managers have to justify their budgets: "Why we should go to soccer", "What is the societal impact ?" This shift impacting sponsorship is a major one! Inviting clients is great but,

  • What are the societal, and environmental consequences?

  • Are there GDPR concerns?

  • Are my new company compliance policies aligned with it?

Seaters is your solution for an impactful sponsorship.

We will be happy to discuss this further with you if it is of interest to you!

Feel free to book a call with us here.


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