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"The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way people work, using robotics, A.I., the Internet of Things, and more.

By making these innovations easier and more accessible, we’re helping create a future with greater opportunity and equality for all."


C. Burggraeve, Chairman

Meet our Leaderships team

Jean-Sébastien Gosuin



 Chief Executive Officer

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Jean-Sébastien is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Seaters. As a serial entrepreneur he was an official ticketing and hospitality agent for the FIFA World Cup and the World Olympic Games.

Nicolas Brasseur

Nicolas Brasseur

VP Product & Operations

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Nicolas is a product Guru, developing the algorithmic and A.I. side of the Seaters solution. He leads the dev team. Prior to joining Seaters he founded JavaBlackBelt which was sold to SkillSoft.

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Bernard Spruytte
Chief Sales Officer

Chief Sales

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Bernard Spruytte is Seaters’ Chief Sales Officer.    Before joining he spent almost 20 years in the banking industry in Luxemburg as a Sales and Account Manager and finally as Head of Business Development.

Chris Burggraeve

Chris Burggraeve


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Chris serves as the Chairman of Seaters board. A former CMO at AB InBev and Group Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Company, Chris is a world-renowned business marketing leader, turned advisor and investor. 


Michel Akkermans

Board Member

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Michel is a lead investor in Seaters and serves on the board. Michel is an experienced Chairman, Investor and CEO. He is a co-founder and former CEO of Clear2Pay and now holds a number of board positions through his company, Pamica. 

Our offices

New York City


302a Est 12th Street, Suite 362.

New York, NY 10014



De Kleetlaan 4/205

1831 Diegem



8 Northumberland Avenue,

London WC2N 5BY, UK

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