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Unlocking the Power of Technology for Custom Data Products

At our company, Seaters, we have developed a technology that manages the entire process, from the integration of the ticketing system to the synchronization in the company's CRM. Our SaaS platform allows a company to "intelligently" manage the VIP cards, box seats or concert tickets they distribute to their customers or prospects.

With this technology, sales representatives can see the entire catalog of all the assets available in the company and can discover that they have business seats at the Antwerp Opera House, for example. We are already doing this in BtoC, but our ultimate goal is to let people choose, let people ask, suggest the match they would like to attend, for BtoB clients.

Why impose an invitation to a VIP for a specific date to a Roland Garros match, instead of letting them choose between several dates? Few brands have yet taken the step of offering a choice to the guest.

We go even further with our technology. In BtoC, KPN offers sub-groups of the audience to choose the event, and even to specify in their profile what they like and dislike. This is important because it was found that around 12% of this sub-group, which represents 160,000 of their customers, said they did not like golf. But they were systematically invited to the KPN golf tournament every year.

This is where we get into customer intimacy, almost one-to-one marketing. That's why we talk about brand relationship technology - the quality of the relationship, at the right time, in the right place, at the right cost, with the right person.

Our approach provides significant value. Choosing the wrong guest means wasting money, while inviting the right person means generating ROI. As we manage the entire ticketing of the brands that work with us and have every single guest's name, it allows us to track what each guest has received over the course of a year or over the life of a project. This helps us determine how often they should be invited, and we can then suggest whether it is worth inviting them every time.

If you have any further questions about how our custom data products and AI technologies can benefit your brand and improve your campaigns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss how our approach can help you achieve your marketing goals!


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