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We use these deep-level insights to help you develop winning communications strategies that enable organizations to engage and impact audiences with greater clarity and guest management – using a combination of A.I. and digital channels to deliver the greatest impact.

We design and conduct research programs that go deeper and further than traditional methods, to uncover the underlying behavioral drivers of individuals, groups and customers.

We build bespoke data products combining advanced machine learning and A.I. technologies to identify insights and patterns that truly define specific groups within a defined brand target.  By doing this, we achieved:

  • To eliminate frictions while more than 80% of participants to sweepstakes are always the same professional guests.

  • 85% users opt-in to brand communication campaigns by using BestNextGuest(c). ​

  • 76% of engagement on campaigns.

  • Brand NPS increase by average of 24 points.​​

  • 87% of customers' beliefs in a valuable benefit offered with the Audience matching.​

  • 39% of brand’s site traffic with new account in acquisition.

  • A proven better R.O.I. for the customer we serve. (50% of experiential marketing expenses have no proven ROI.)

  • 100% Compliance : Meet compliance rules for full traceability of names and cost per contact.

*Results from customers study commissioned by Seaters

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Mark Versteegen

Head of Sponsorship KPN - NL

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