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Our SaaS platform allows a company to manage 'intelligently' the VIP cards, box seats or concert tickets they distribute to their customers or prospects. 

By doing this, we achieved:

  • To eliminate friction while more than 80% of participants in sweepstakes are always the same professional guests.

  • 85% of users opt-in to brand communication campaigns by using BestNextGuest(c). ​

  • 76% of engagement on campaigns.

  • Brand NPS increased by an average of 24 points.​​

  • 87% of customers believe in a valuable benefit offered with Audience matching.​

  • 39% of the brand’s site traffic with new accounts in acquisition.

  • A proven better R.O.I. for the customer we serve. (50% of experiential marketing expenses have no proven ROI.)

  • 100% Compliance: Meet compliance rules for full traceability of names and cost per contact.

*Results from customers study commissioned by Seaters

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"We are now putting all of our Brand Experiences and even other benefits into Seaters, linked to salesforce."

Mark Versteegen

Head of Sponsorship KPN - NL

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