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Become a partner. A sustainable business to be built together.

Our Partnership program.

Deliver unparalleled customer success.

Build a thriving practice focused on transforming customers' businesses. Connect with all the resources you need to plan and grow your business.

Success is a goal.

We design and conduct research programs that go deeper and further than traditional methods, to uncover the underlying behavioural drivers of individuals, groups and customers.

Grow with Us.

We build bespoke data products combining advanced machine learning and A.I. technologies to identify insights and patterns that truly define specific groups within a defined brand target.  By doing this, we achieved:

Get Seaters for today, and for tomorrow, the Unrivalled Brand Relation Management Solution.

Grow with us!
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"We are now putting all of our Brand Experiences and even other benefits into Seaters, linked to salesforce."

Mark Versteegen

Head of Sponsorship KPN - NL

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