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Welcome to our company's article page! Here you'll find informative and engaging articles about our business, industry trends, and the latest news related to our products and services. Our experts provide valuable insights and tips to showcase our expertise. Enjoy reading and thanks for visiting!

Patrick:  Seaters in two words, what is it, how does it work, what are the specificities, who are your customers? 

Jean-Sébastien:  Our technology is a decision support tool on the use of corporate ticketing for sales and marketing teams, it allows to establish a pre-list of potential guests and to invest in a calculated way, to validate from objective criteria.

Our activity is divided into two main branches, BtoB and BtoC.
For BtoB, we have developed an algorithm called Next Best Guest, through which we help the sales representatives of sponsoring companies choose the right guest. 

With rules, such as a maximum investment per guest per year. There are more and more extremely strict rules, this is a trend. If the invited candidate is potentially involved in a tender procedure with the brand, for example, they are not invited, to avoid the risk of influence, etc.

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Bernard's view on the development 

Chief Sales Officer, 18/02/2023

With Seaters and within the sponsorship world, we are less on the technological side and more on the marketing side.

A switch that is happening more and more is the fact that the fan experience is gradually being transformed into sponsorship impact.

In our development, we want to guide our clients in this reflection.

Before sponsoring was: "I have great soccer tickets, etc" 

Now sponsoring and marketing managers have to justify their budgets:

"Why we should go to soccer", "What is the societal impact ?" 

This shift impacting sponsorship is a major one! 

Inviting clients is great but,

  • What are the societal, and environmental consequences?

  • Are there GDPR concerns?

  • Are my new company compliance policies aligned with it?

Seaters is your solution for an impactful sponsorship.

'NextBestGuest' Algorithm

Our powerful algorithm 'NextBestGuest' helps you choose the perfect guest, and place the ticket in the right hands, at the right time, and for the right cost.
Our solution takes the guesswork and inequality out of event planning and hospitality management, saving you valuable time and resources, adding value and strengthening your brand relationship.

Who are we, really? 

💡 Keywords: Brand Relationship Management, Hospitality, Return On Investment, Impact, Sponsorship, Decision Making

Seaters A.I. is a technology solution designed to create sustainable relationships with brands and connect fans with the games they love.
We help brands achieve operational excellence and get the right customer, at the right time, in the right place, for the right cost.

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Stop just handing out invitations and start making informed choices.

All too often, companies are still content to simply "invite someone". But all the intelligence upstream of the invitation, the choice and the reason for this choice are, in our opinion, essential. This is really about marketing, about the return on the sponsorship investment and not about simply handing out invitations. Discover our technology that benefits both your company and the fans who attend your live events. Seaters makes it easy to identify the right guests and create memorable experiences that benefit your brand and your audience. Let Seaters help you achieve your event goals and build lasting relationships with your fans.

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