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People-centric approach

Bring each of your audiences into focus with detailed profiles built by using personalized content to engage.


People are at the center of business.

We make building personal connections Our business.

Personalizing user experience at scale is one of the Holy Grails of business and Seaters product is the go-to solution for leading companies. 

By focusing on user interests, Seaters' unique smart technology gets to know each individual better over time. As content is refined to match user preferences, the cycle feeds itself to ever personalize at a continuously deeper level. 

Data collected is fully customizable and can be targeted towards specific audiences, such as:

  • Unknown web and social traffic

  • Customers

  • B2B customers

  • Employees

  • VIP contacts


People are at the center. Content is personalized to their interests and enables brands to make an emotional connections with their individual audience members.

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Ready for a people-centric approach to brand relationships?

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