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Managing tickets can take up a lot of time, energy and money. But not anymore.

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Sales leaders know customer entertainment is a great way to build relationships with both existing and prospective customers. But actually getting tickets to the right people on your team can be a complicated process.

Optimizing the use of sports and entertainment assets remains a huge opportunity for many companies. With so many events and customers to serve, it can be difficult to manage where your assets are and who is using them.


Seaters brings an answer with technology that takes the hassle away from ticket management and gives transparency to those in charge of their allocation.

Removing the hassle

Spreadsheets and email can't handle the complexity of ticket management. 

Are tickets hiding away in desk drawers, soon to be forgotten about? Seaters provides a single dashboard to manage them in one, user-friendly environment. 

With everything in front of you, it's easy to check which sales reps have requested which tickets. Assigning tickets is easy, whether you have 1,000s of tickets to send out or only a few. 

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Gain transparency 

Ever wondered who really ends up using your company's assets? Now you won't have to. 


Seaters technology allows your sales team to list who they will invite to the event when they are requesting tickets. The sales manager then has the power to assign them where they will serve the company best. 


This helps you to optimize each asset to its maximum potential, while also showing your team that every decision is a fair one.  

Optimizing business relationships

just got easier.

Seaters technology takes the hassle away from ticket management for

sales teams and managers.   


"Seaters takes the hassle away from managing our tickets and makes it a fair process."

Stijn Willockx

Head of Sponsorship & Events, Proximus

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Contact us today to learn more about Seaters invite management technology

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