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Our partners

Seaters bridges the gap between sales and experiential marketing, it integrates with customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation systems (MAS), Content Management systems (CMS),...

We partner with marketing agencies, consulting offices and other essential partners to help our customers win and retain business

Seaters seamlessly integrates

with everybody.

Partner ready

We are proud to partner with top Industry Leading Brands and enrich their R.O.I. with our permission-based inbound customer-centric experiential marketing strategies.

CRM Integrations

Automatically log any prospect interactions with NextBestGuest©  recommendations based on set criteria, or determine the ROI of your invites.


Seaters for CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics,...) is API-ready and lets your sales reps drive sales effectiveness by saving them time doing administrative tasks or searching for the right guests in last minute.  By automatically logging all sales interactions to the appropriate CRM opportunities and accounts, you’ll have a full overview how sellers consumed experiential & events inventory of the company.



Build the customer journey  from the first contact to the moment of truth.

Continuously refine lead scores throughout the sales & experiential cycle, and make your touchpoints as relevant as possible.

We connect upfront with the sourcing of tickets & experiential offers and let you benefit from endless possibilities and a hassle-free process, until the event is done.



Personalize your emails with the right offer. 

Answer to each request directly from your favorite email client.

By linking prospect engagement insights to information such as contacts, opportunity, email body, and invitations – you always have the context needed to push a deal forward to the next stage of  the sales cycle.

We ensure the SSO integration with your intranet and extranets which allows employees & customers to sign-in without hassles.



The Seaters API can be used to access Seaters data and features, such as creating, editing, and deleting inventory of experiences, creating users, allocate inventory.

This allows you to automate workflows and extend Seaters' features. You can integrate with Digital Asset Management systems,

User Management platforms, and many other applications.

We provide this feature so you, as a developer or engineer, can set up communication between Seaters and particular applications you use at your company.

You can also embed the Seaters features into any of your websites or native apps.

Seaters is compatible and integrates with numerous platforms and technologies:
We ensure full Compatibility with the major CRM platforms, SSO & fully embedded solution.
Seaters is a secured platform. You can connect through Seaters’ API content and user analytics with your own reporting ecosystem, automate content delivery and user management processes, and build your own differentiated customer experiences.
From ROI calculators to interactive navigations.

Seaters connects with, among others :


Whatever your integration needs, SEATERS has you covered.

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