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Seaters solves real pain and friction

in brand relationships.


SPonsoring & events

Seaters is a powerful, flexible platform that helps you centralise your events inventory, marketing flows and content in an intuitive user interface.

Seaters finds and recommends the right experience for the right guest, at the right time, and the right cost per contact, delivering support in the allocation & distribution that work best for you.


While minimising no-shows, we maximise events inventory allocation & seamless distribution.  


Detailed reporting are ready to submit, on time.

Seaters works seamlessly with the technologies and business processes you already have in place.

Marketing & agencies

We have done a study with CxOs and it appears that they receive on average of 250 invitations per year.


Only 10% of these are relevant and/or useful.

We have built a process that increases digital stickiness by 20 to 30%.

Seaters allows you as Marketeer Leader to provide best-in-class analytics before each campaign and integrate these insights into the digital path of your communication strategy.  Avoiding to send mails to random audiences, and get the best ROI of each single campaign.


& crm

We ensure every seller has the relevant support to exceed buyer expectations.

We engage buyers by

personalising and facilitating every buyer interaction with its seller.

We optimise with Insights

into the behaviour data of your seller and buyer to build best practices that reduce frictions in the guest management.

Seaters sales

enabler for sales teams is centralising marketing and corporate benefits content in a single platform.

employee benefits

Your guide to Employee satisfaction & retention.

As an HR leader, you’re focused on working with various teams throughout an organisation to distribute specific benefits — and find the right solutions to do it compliantly.

Matching Employee benefits with Brand positioning by maximising unused experiential inventory

The solutions you deploy must be highly secure, stable, and scalable, and integrate with the systems that are already in place.


Seamlessly, Seaters will allocate & distribute your benefits without hassles.

Finance & compliance

57% of our customers have had an audit over the last 12 months on the traceability of Corporate Relationships.


We have built a process that brings 100% Traceability and Compliance in the field of Corporate Relationships.

Up to 40% of the experiential marketing inventory is not used due to no-shows or miss used. These are valuable company assets that Seaters helps to maximise



We are proud to partner with top Industry Leading Brands and enrich their R.O.I. with our permission-based inbound customer centric experiential marketing strategies.

These are their #stories. 

jupiler ws.jpg


Customer Loyalty

The title sponsor of the top Belgian soccer league, Jupiler own assets for every match of...

poa ws.jpg

Port of Antwerp

Relationship Management

Home to Europe's second largest port, employees at the Port of Antwerp have a strong connect...

letour ws.jpg

Le Tour de France

Customer Acquisition

How to extend the reach and exposure of the Tour beyond 21 sun-soaked days in July? Le T...

bein ws.jpg


Customer Acquisition

Millions of people engage with beIN SPORTS each day, either online or by tuning in to their...

bnppf ws.jpg

BNP Paribas Fortis

Customer Loyalty

Seaters has been a key benefit in BNP's Priority Banking customer loyalty program since 2015. As...

proximus ws2.jpg


Employee Engagement

People are at the heart of every business. What better way to connect with them than by...

telenet ws.jpg


Relationship Management

Telenet use Seaters' hassle-free technology to bring 

transparency to their asset allo...

bnp ws.jpg

BNP Paribas

Customer Acquisition

A simple question: How to turn tennis fans into BNP Paribas customers? The answer starts...

kpn ws.jpg


Customer Loyalty

The leading 

telecommunications provider in the Netherlands, KPN have bee...

"Seaters not only improved our business relevance, but enabled us to achieve it at reduced cost thanks to better operational efficiency."

Martine Tempels

Senior Vice President Telenet Business

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