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One-stop-shop solution for Brand Relationship Management.

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Customise a solution that’s right for you.
Guest Management & Sales enablement
People Cheering

Audience Content Personalisation

People Inside Taxi



Business Meeting

Sales Enabler

Business Rules

Brand Acquisition &

Brand Loyalty Distribution

Dancing at a Concert

Employee  Experiential Benefits Management

Museum Employees
Soccer Stadium

Brand Experiential Inventory Management

Integrations &
Graph on Computer

Seaters API's

for IT

Compliance  & Procurement

Business Woman

Conversion Intelligence & CRM Integration


Make it work for the people doing the work.

By improving your teams’ productivity and effectiveness, you can achieve Improved Customer Experience & Stronger Sales and Marketing alignment.

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Eliminate frictions and:

Rise Relevancy

Reduce no shows

Reduce sales reps admin

Respect cost per contact

The power of A.I. in Guest Management & Sales Enablement

The power of A.I. in

Brand Acquisition & Loyalty

Relevancy enables powerful action:

Increase conversion rates, NPS

Lower Customer acquisition costs

Increase traffic with content

Turn "Likes" into Leads

The power of A.I. for Integrations & Compliance

Integrate with technologies:

Customer Relation Management

Marketing Automation Systems

Content Management Systems

GDPR-proof & reporting

Working on the Go

Measure your audience's satisfaction through your employees’ eyes.

Employees are your strongest advocates.

Seaters for Employees, is being used by leading employers as a rewarding tool across the globe to create employees' satisfaction programs through Fairplay & Transparency.

Built-in Employee Experience features make collaboration effortless, even with teams working far apart. And our Account teams offers free training to help your workforce tackle any new challenge.


With SSO (single-sign-on) available to make the process as seamless as possible! ​


"Seaters takes the hassle away from managing our experiential offers and makes it a fair process."

Stijn Willockx

Head of Sponsoring & Events, Proximus

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