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Smart brand relationship technology

for customer activation and
guest management

Since 2014, we've been responsibly profiling individuals to match them seamlessly with the right brand experience, through the power of A.I.


Seaters has been chosen by the Belgian authorities to develop QVAX.

QVAX is the reserve list for scheduled COVID-19 vaccines that could not be administered at the vaccination centers.

The system maximizes use and avoids waste of valuable vaccines (increased efficiency), allowing society to reach the target vaccination coverage more quickly, resulting in herd immunity.


QVAX is the government's official reserve list and follows the distribution priorities of the vaccination strategy, ensuring that reserved vaccines reach the right people.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Essentially, Seaters does 3 things: 

  1. Guest Management & Sales enablement.

  2. Brand Acquisition & Loyalty.

  3. Integrations & Compliance.

With Ease.

Over 400.000 users at Leading Industry Companies, handling millions of requests each year.

Happy Office Workers

An online, scalable Brand Relationship Management that will transform your business in the digital era.

“Coupled with our unique A.I. based feature, the NextBestGuest©, Seaters is a pain killer for Industry Leading Brands, providing seamless allocations, maximizing transparency, R.O.I and detailed reporting over time.”

Jean-Sebastien Gosuin, CEO. 

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"Seaters was the missing link to transform tennis fans into customers."

Sébastien Guyader

Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising and Sponsoring BNP Paribas

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