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Welcome to Seaters

The premier digital platform for smart guest management that drives business.

Our mission is to help you manage your guests, enhance sales opportunities and drive consumer loyalty with our variety of services and integrations. Seaters helps brands have operational excellence and get the right client, at the right time, at the right place and for the right cost. It is not about 'pushing' tickets, but about building a relationship with the right customer.

We believe that brand relationships start by letting people ask what they are passionate about.

Our platform provides a seamless solution for communicating with both guests and employees about the events you're covering. You can easily distribute hospitality and sponsoring assets, as well as valuable marketing insights, all while remaining compliant.  With our innovative tools and features, you can capture demands, providing added value for your brand. Seaters works in the B2B and B2C sectors.

The best way to know Seaters is to use Seaters.

Many companies say they can handle the entertainment of your brand. Our distinctiveness lies in the following: 

What we achieve


To eliminate frictions while more than 80% of participants to sweepstakes are always the same professional guests.

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Brand NPS increase by average of 24 points.

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100% Compliance: Meet compliance rules for full traceability of names and cost per contact.


85% users opt-in to brand communication campaigns by using NextBestGuest.


87% of customers' beliefs in a valuable benefit offered with the Audience matching.


A proven better R.O.I. for the customer we serve.


76% of engagement on campaigns.

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39% of brand’s site traffic with new account in acquisition.

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Maximising ROI for experiential marketing expenses.

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Seaters:  Empowering Partnerships, Transforming Success!

From Sales Enablement to CSR activation, Seaters is revolutionising hospitality management processes. Our platform streamlines operations, unlocks insights and overcomes visibility challenges. Join us to redefine what's possible!

Confidential Contributor

Corporate Client at a well-known Bank

For the past decade, my banker has invited me to football events, despite my aversion to the sport. I thought he knew that.  Seaters has provided a solution to this common problem, making it easy for me to share my preferences and let my banker know what I like. I am now always very happy to be invited to the Opera rather than a football match.

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