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Smart brand relationship technology

for customer activation and
guest management

Smart brand relationship technology for customer activation and guest management

Help people fall in love with your brand

Seaters' people-centric approach to business helps brands build sustainable relationships by empowering audiences to share their own unique interests.

Capture & enrich

first-party data

You own the data shared with you by your audience


true engagement

Personalized content with an ultra-high conversion rate


acquisition costs

Reach more of your audience for a lower cost per action


brand loyalty

Combine digital & physical relationships for exponential lifetime value

Capture the attention of your audience

Wish Lists transform the conversation by letting people talk to you about their passions.

Build Trust

Today, there is no transaction without trust. Wish Lists build and keep 

consumer trust, including amongst younger audiences. 

Capture & Enrich Data

Combining passion-based and CRM data allows brands to know more about their audience and show up at the right time and with the right message.

Boost Acquisition

The power of choice, allows your marketing messages to reach more of your audience for a lower cost per action.

Create Advocacy

Personalized content forms a relationship with your brand. It is relevant to your audience and it gives them something to tell their friends about. 

Wish Lists connect on emotion

Wish List technology is proven to help brands earn attention, build trust and create advocacy.

85% users opt-in to brand marketing communications


Brand NPS increase by average of 24 points

87% of customers believe it is a “valuable customer benefit”

39% of brand’s site traffic created an account with Seaters

Why Seaters?

Brand-centric messages are increasingly struggling to convert. Seaters brings brands closer to their audiences and enables them to enter the next phase of digital transformation.

People-Centric Approach


Bring each of your audiences into focus with detailed profiles built by using personalized content to engage.


Enjoy a hassle-free approach to growing sustainable relationships. 

  • for Consumer relationships

  • for Business relationships

  • for Employee relationships

Long-term Relationships

Using a permission-based approach, your audience want to engage with you and are happy to share their data with you. Building trust and sympathy over time, your brand relationships will be stronger than ever, and more profitable. 

  • GDPR compliant

  • data positively shared

  • brand acquisition & loyalty

  • customer advocacy

White Label Technology

Your brand is always front and center. Seaters optimizes the digital transformation of your relationships with easy integrations like Single-Sign-On and technology that embeds directly in your site.

  • first-party data

  • easy Integration

  • mobile-first

  • connects with existing CRMs

Measurable ROI


Powerful metrics that drive brands forward, it’s easy to track the impact of using Seaters. 


Easily measure:


  • conversation rates

  • net promoter score (NPS)

  • cost per contact

  • Lead generation / CAC

  • Asset optimization

  • churn reduction

  • engagement

  • MQL / SQL

    + more

How are these leading companies engaging customers in the digital era?

"Seaters was the missing link we were looking for

to turn tennis fans into customers."

Sébastien Guyader

Head of Brand, Corporate Advertising and Sponsoring BNP Paribas Group

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